Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Traffic Shaping In PFsense

Traffic Shaping:

We can define traffic shaping by two ways.      1: By interface 2:By Single User 
Traffic shaping by interface: By Interface

Traffic shaping by single user: Limiter
We can control bandwidth usage per client with adding download and upload limit. For controlling bandwidth we need to follow these simple steps

1-      Select Limiter option under firewall tab.
2-      Hit on “+” sign create new limiter
3-      Fill some fields and enable this rule. Like as Click on enable switch then add name as Download or upload after that we need to add bandwidth in kb/s or Mb/s etc. we can add description here too.
4-      Save and apply changes

Layer 7 Rule: Layer 7 filtering or shaping is identifying traffic at layer 7 of the OSI model. Some time we cal layer 7 as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).
In TCP/IP, the application layer contains the communications protocols and interface methods used in peer-to-peer communications across an Internet Protocol computer network.
So let see the settings in PFSense about Layer 7 

1-      Select Traffic shaper option Under Firewall tab then select Layer 7 option.
2-      Hit “+” sign to create new layer 7 rule.
3-      First Enable this rule by adding check box then add name after that we can add description too
4-      Add rule here by clicking on “+” sign. Add Protocol, structure and Behavior
5-      Save and Apply Setting

We can add more here by hitting on + sign. More other ports, etc
After adding Layer 7 Rule we need to go firewall section to add layer 7 setting in option Rule under Firewall Tab.

1-      Select option rule under firewall tab and find out layer 7 option
2-      Pull down layer 7 option and select created layer 7 rule.
3-      Save and apply settings.

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